Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rita Ora Wears Exact Same Outfit As Beyonce After Jay Z Affair Accusations

Either Rita Ora is trying to make a major statement…or she picked a REALLY bad day to wear this Gucci outfit!
The singer was photographed wearing the exact skirt and shirt combo Beyonce wore in her ‘Formation’ video on the SAME day fans accused her of being Jay Z’s ‘other woman,’ who Bey sings about on ‘Lemonade.’ YIKES!

‘Who Wore It Best?’ takes on a whole new meaning with this one! As the Internet exploded with speculation that Rita Ora, 25, might be ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ — aka Jay Z’s mistress as referenced on Beyonce’s album Lemonade — the “Black Widow” singer just so happened to wear an ensemble we saw Bey rock not too long ago. Total coincidence…or is she completely rubbing it in Beyonce’s face!?

Does Rita’s matching, red Gucci skirt and shirt look familiar? It should, because Beyonce wore the very same thing in her video for “Formation,” released earlier this year! Normally, we wouldn’t pay too much attention to this, but since fans are alleging that Jay had an affair with Rita, it’s almost too coincidental.

All the drama started with the release of Bey’s album Lemonade on April 24, on which she calls out a man for being unfaithful multiple times. Obviously, speculation began that Jay had cheated, and in one particular song, “Sorry,” the 34-year-old even mentions the alleged mistress by telling her man to “go call Becky with the good hair.”

Of course, fans immediately wanted to know who this ‘Becky’ was, and when designer Rachel Roy shared an Instagram commenting on her own good hair, the Beyhive went after her. The 42-year-old and Jay have been accused of getting too close in the past, too, so it certainly wasn’t a long shot.

But after further consideration, Bey’s supporters also began targeting Rita, based on an old photo she posted of herself wearing a ‘J’ necklace and lemon bra! Meanwhile, the power couple has stayed tight-lipped amid all the drama, and are clearly just letting the music do the talking.

That doesn’t mean the rapper isn’t concerned about the backlash, though. “He doesn’t like the rumors suggesting he cheated,” an insider told HollywoodLife. ‘”That’s not cool and he certainly doesn’t want that type of attention. Jay’s got an image to uphold and the last thing he needs is for his reputation to be tarnished, especially by his own wife.”


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