Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Lace Morris’ Engagement Ring From Grant Kemp: See Her Diamond Here

Spoiler alert! Grant Kemp, 27, and Lace Morris, 25, are officially engaged! The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ stars tied the knot on the season 3 finale and the ring is absolutely gorgeous!

We love this couple so much and we were so excited when they made their relationship official! What do you guys think of Lace’s engagement ring? Are you happy for the couple?

These two love birds didn’t leave much to the imagination before the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise, considering they were spotted out and about together before the finale even aired. We knew the moment was coming, though, because they did something seriously permanent on part one of the season finale.

On part one of the season finale, which aired on Sept. 5th, Grant and Lace got matching tattoos of their couple name, “Grace.” It is a really big deal that they both decided to do this because a tattoo is even more permanent than an engagement ring! However, it was nothing new for Grant because he has a tattoo of roman numerals on his arms for his ex-girlfriend! Whoah, we wonder how Lace feels about that one!

We have to talk about the ring, though, because it is absolutely gorgeous. The ring features a large center stone with a halo and diamonds on the band — all we can say is, Lace is one lucky gal!
Although part two of the season finale doesn’t air until Sept. 6, we can breathe a little easier now that we know that these two make it in the end!

We absolutely love this couple so much and we’re so excited that they decide to get engaged — they’re perfect for each other!

What do you guys think of their engagement ring — do you love it as much as we do?


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