Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Nick Viall’s Break Up In ‘Paradise’ Proved He May Be The Most Honest Bachelor Yet

No matter how you look at it, Nick Viall knows a thing or two about breaking up — he knows how much it hurts to feel and after ‘Paradise,’ knows how hard it is to do. So, that may just be the perfect recipe for a great bachelor.

Nick Viall, 35, was the villain for quite some time — it was clear that during Andi Dorfman‘s season, that was the role ABC had assigned him, and during Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, he took a second-place spot from the day he entered late.

However, up until Bachelor in Paradise, he had gone through two, heart-wrenching break ups on TV — neither that were his choice. Then on the season three finale, we watched him tell Jen Saviano, a woman he clearly was into but not in love with, goodbye. Was it hard to watch? For sure.

Nick’s goodbye was one the more real things we’ve seen in the show’s franchise. He told her that he wanted to force his heart to be in love with her, especially after she said it to him, but he wouldn’t do it — and honestly, that would have been the easy way out. We have to give him props for not giving in to the pressure of “I’m on TV, I should give them a happy ending.” Instead, he went for the route that broke his heart twice, but that he knew he had to do.

So, he now has he experience of being the dumpee and the dumper. He probably never understood why Andi and Kaitlyn left him in second place, but now, things are different. He was honest with Jen, and more importantly, with himself. And we know on The Bachelor, if you’re not honest, you end up alone years after the show’s end.

We know now he won’t be telling women he’s in love with them just because they say it to him — he’s looking for true love. And on this season of The Bachelor, I truly hope he finds it. She’ll be one lucky lady!


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