Thursday, 8 September 2016

Rihanna Proudly Rocks Out & Dances In The Crowd At Drake’s L.A. Concert

Rihanna may not have taken the stage with Drake at his concert in Los Angeles on Sept. 7 — but she was proudly watching from the crowd! A nearby fan caught the singer dancing like crazy during her man’s performance.

Drake, 29, got the crowd going like no other at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sept. 7, and his girlfriend, Rihanna, 28, was one of the thousands of people in the audience! RiRi looked to be having the time of her life as she threw her hands up in the air and danced around while enjoying Drizzy’s music — she’s clearly one proud girlfriend.

Despite being in New York earlier this week, Rihanna made sure she was right back in L.A. at her first opportunity to support her man. After the show, she was spotted walking backstage with him, and then they hit the town together for a sexy date night at The Nice Guy.

Although we would’ve loved to see the 28-year-old get on stage with Drake for a surprise performance (again), it’s still just as sweet to see her in the crowd. After the rapper publicly declared his love for her at the VMAs on Aug. 28, how could Rihanna not go out of her way to make sure he knows she’s there for him, too!?

Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour continues with two more shows at the Staples Center on Sept. 9 and 10, and runs until mid-October. Meanwhile, save for a few shows here and there, Rihanna’s schedule is pretty free this fall, so don’t be surprised if she pops up at plenty more of her boyfriend’s concerts!

Readers, what do you think of Rihanna showing up to Drake’s L.A. concert?


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