Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bella Hadid Missing The Weeknd? She’s Caught Looking At Photo Of Him Kissing Her

Whoa! Bella Hadid was recently seen taking a serious stroll down memory lane! A fellow model caught her staring at a photo of her ex The Weeknd kissing her, while on a flight to Paris for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Could it be that Bella is hoping she and The Weeknd will get back together? Get the scoop here!
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Hillary Clinton Surprises Katy Perry & Moves Her To Tears At UNICEF Snowflake Ball

Katy Perry got the surprise of a lifetime when one of her idols, Hillary Clinton, showed up at UNICEF’s Snowflake Ball on Nov. 29 to thank her for all her work with the organization. Hillary was so proud of Katy that the speech she gave while introducing her moved the singer to tears!
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Kim Kardashian: Why She Has Stopped Filming For ‘KUWTK’ Indefinitely

Oh no! We won’t be seeing much of Kim Kardashian during season 13 of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ even though the show is still filming despite Kanye West’s hospitalization.

Details on why she’s dramatically stepping away from the cameras.
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Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood Again: You’re A ‘Knock Off’ Miss Piggy

Shots fired! Farrah Abraham is escalating her feud with ‘Teen Mom OG’ enemy Amber Portwood in the meanest of ways. She’s slamming her nemesis’ newly blonde ‘do and saying she looks like a knock off Miss Piggy as a result. Keep reading for more on her cruel taunt!
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Keo Woolford Dead: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Actor Dies At 49 After Suffering Stroke

This is so upsetting! ‘Hawaii Five-0’s Keo Woolford passed away on Nov. 28 after suffering a stroke. Get the details on the devastating passing of the television star and his acting career right here.
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cologne Plans Helicopters & Mounted Police To Prevent Mass Sex Assaults On New Year's Eve

Cologne authorities may deploy helicopters, better CCTV cameras and mounted police during the upcoming New Year celebrations in order to prevent a repeat of the mass sexual assaults that rocked the city on New Year's Eve last year.

The report is the end result of Project Silvester (the German name for New Year's Eve celebrations), where a group of experts and federal police, under control of Federal Criminal Police Office, analyzed what happened in Cologne during last year's festivities.

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Multiple People Injured After Plane Hits Turbulence Coming Into Sydney Int’l Airport

Multiple people have reportedly been injured after a China Eastern Airlines plane hit turbulence coming into Sydney International Airport, according to Australian media. Emergency services are working at the scene.

Paramedics have confirmed that they are treating 10 passengers for minor injuries, reported.

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Ukraine Moves Giant New Safety Dome Over Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Ukraine on Tuesday unveiled the world's largest movable metal structure over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant's doomed fourth reactor to ensure the safety of Europeans for future generations.

At a height of 108 metre, it is taller than New York's Statue of Liberty -- while its weight of 36,000 tons is three times heavier than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Russian Chess Prodigy Dies After Jason Bourne-Style Balcony Leap

In his games of chess, young grandmaster Yuri Eliseev was not afraid to try bold maneuvers. The Daily Telegraph, reporting from the February Aeroflot Open chess tournament in Moscow, described the 20-year-old Russian prodigy as a "relative unknown" who "was declared winner on tie-break even after losing this hair-raising encounter where both sides promote a pawn to produce a position with four queens on the board."

Eliseev racked up several victories in his short career. In Maribor, Slovenia, in 2012, he won the under-16 group. By age 17, he had achieved the title of grandmaster.

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'Have Cake And Eat It': Is This The UK's Brexit Strategy?

Britain denied on Tuesday that a document photographed in the hands of a Conservative Party official which said the strategy for Brexit talks was to "Have cake and eat it" accurately reflected its plans for forthcoming EU divorce negotiations.

The handwritten note, which also said Britain would be unlikely to stay in the EU's single market, was pictured being carried by an aide to Mark Field, vice-chairman of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party, after a meeting with Brexit officials in Downing Street.

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Plane Crashes In Colombia With 81 On Board, Including Brazilian Footballers

An aircraft with 81 people aboard, including Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense and journalists covering their match, has crashed in central Colombia, officials and media reported, but heavy rain has halted rescue operations.

The mayor of La Ceja, a nearby town, said on local radio, citing firefighters, that at least 25 people had been killed and around 10 survivors had been rescued after the crash late on Monday, but few official figures were yet available.

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German Intelligence Chief Warns Of Political Cyberattacks

Germany's foreign intelligence chief is warning of cyberattacks aimed at political destabilization as the country prepares for an election next year, and says evidence suggests Russian involvement in hacking during the US campaign.

Bruno Kahl, who leads the Federal Intelligence Service, told Tuesday's edition of daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung his agency knows of "cyberattacks that have no other point than causing political insecurity." He said "Europe is in the focus of this attempted disruption, and Germany in particular."

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Monday, 28 November 2016

ISIS intelligence seized in Syria’s Manbij reveals terrorist plots throughout Europe – British commander

A “huge amount” of Islamic State intelligence found after the capture of the Syrian town of Manbij was related to terrorist threats in Europe, according to Britain's most senior commander in Iraq and Syria, as cited by British media.

Major General Rupert Jones said the capture of Manbij in August was “hugely important for external operations,” adding that “a huge amount of intelligence gathered in Manbij related to threats in Europe and elsewhere...” the Telegraph reported.

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Iranian Vessel Made 'Unsafe' Action Against US Helicopter -Officials

An Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard vessel pointed its weapons at a U.S. Navy helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, two U.S. defense officials told Reuters on Monday, an action they described as "unsafe and unprofessional."

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the incident took place when a Navy SH-60 helicopter flew within half a mile (0.8 km) of two Iranian vessels in international waters. One of the vessels pointed its weapons at the helicopter, the U.S. officials said.

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9 Hospitalised In Ohio State University Shooting, Suspect Killed

A young man reportedly of Somali descent rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians at Ohio State University and attacked them with a butcher knife Monday, injuring nine people before he was shot dead by police.

Columbus police chief Kim Jacobs said investigators were considering the "possibility" that the bloody rampage, which left one person in critical condition, was a terror attack.

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‘Western Court Threats Are Bullsh*t, European Lawyers Stupid’: Duterte On Possible Indictment

Controversial Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte has branded as “bullsh*t” Western threats to indict him in the International Criminal Court (ICC) over extrajudicial killings in the country’s war on drugs. He added that European lawyers have “brains like a pea.”

In October, ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said the court may have jurisdiction to prosecute those responsible for killings in the Philippines, adding that her office was looking for instances of state officials “ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing” to crimes against humanity.

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Indiana Teacher Allegedly Poisoned Her Son With His Own Fecal Matter - For His Own Good, She Claims

Doctors were puzzled when infections sickened a teenage boy, who was undergoing chemotherapy at Riley Hospital for Children, in Indianapolis, during the fall. The 15-year-old had been treated for leukemia in August, but bouts of severe diarrhea, fever and vomiting forced him to return to the hospital in September.

The culprit was not cancer, though. Prosecutors at Marion County say that the boy's mother, a 41-year-old teacher named Tiffany Alberts of Wolcott, Indiana, had injected fecal matter into his IV line. She has been charged with seven felony counts, including six counts of aggravated battery and a count of neglect of a dependent, according to Fox 59.

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UN Security Council To Vote On North Korea Sanctions On Wednesday

The United Nations Security Council is set to vote on Wednesday morning on a US-drafted resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea over its fifth and largest nuclear test conducted in September, diplomats said on Monday.

Diplomats said the council's five veto-wielding powers - the United States, China, Britain, Russia and France - had agreed to new measures, seen by Reuters on Friday, that target Pyongyang's export earnings.

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UK Faces Another Brexit Legal Fight Over Single Market

The British government could face a legal challenge over whether leaving the European Union automatically would trigger a departure from the single market, the BBC reported on Monday.

The pro-EU think tank British Influence will tell Brexit Secretary David Davis that it will seek a judicial review to give parliament a vote on the country's membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), taking the decision out of the government's hands, according to the report.

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Several Arrested After Major Vietnam Heroin, Marijuana Busts

Vietnam police seized two large caches of heroin and marijuana in separate drug busts over the weekend, with several people arrested on suspicion of smuggling the narcotics in from neighbouring Laos, official reports said on Monday.

Communist Vietnam has some of the world's toughest drug laws, but it shares a porous border with Laos and illegal goods from drugs to wildlife products are often smuggled through.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Turkish Hackers Targeted Austrian Foreign Ministry’s Website

The Austrian Foreign Ministry’s website has been subjected to a massive DDoS attack, which was reportedly carried out by a Turkish group of hackers. The attack was allegedly provoked by Austria’s tough stance on Turkey.

The DDoS attack took place on Friday evening, when the ministry’s site registered “thousands” of online requests that quickly made the web page inaccessible. The site subsequently was offline between 6:30pm and 11:00pm (local time) (5:30pm and 10:00pm GMT) because of the attack, the ministry's spokesman told Austria Press Agency (APA).

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Fire-Breather Sets Club Ablaze In Ukraine, Partygoers Pose For Pics While It Burns (VIDEO)

Fire broke out at a night club in Ukraine after a fire-breathing performer set the venue’s plastic ceiling on fire. The moment was filmed by partygoers. While most clubbers rushed out in panic, some used the occasion to take photos of themselves.

The blaze destroyed the Mi100 club in Lvov, Ukraine on Saturday night, reducing its decorations and equipment to ashes. Of the 250 people present in the building at the time, 22 required medical attention for smoke poisoning and burns, according to the local fire department. Fourteen of them were taken to the hospital, with two in critical condition.

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Rob Kardashian’s Arthur George Socks Almost Sold Out Amid Rivalry With Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits

Sibling rivalry! Rob Kardashian is close to selling out his ‘Santa Baby’ Arthur George socks amidst his competition with Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kit line, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned.

But, now that precious baby Dream is in the picture, it looks like he’s giving her a run for her money!
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‘Breakfast Club’ Star Anthony Michael Hall Charged With Felony Battery: Will He Go To Jail???

This is such a shock! Actor Anthony Michael Hall has been charged with felony battery for a September 13 altercation with his neighbor, in which he allegedly ’caused him serious bodily harm.’ Is this charge serious enough for Anthony to go to jail?
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Conor McGregor’s Fans Freak Out After He’s Forced To Give Up UFC Featherweight Title

Uh oh. After only two weeks of being the only concurrent holder of two divisional titles, the UFC announced Conor McGregor would be relinquishing his featherweight belt. Apparently, he ‘never agreed to that decision,’ so naturally, his fans are pissed! See their tweets below.
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Behati Prinsloo Teases Epic Return To Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show In Hot Throwback Pic

We’re all excited to see the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but Behati Prinsloo is already dropping major teasers about the 2017 edition! Behati hinted on Instagram that she may be returning to the annual show! Click through to see her exciting message.
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Tyrese Shares Touching Pic On 3rd Anniversary Of ‘Furious 7’ Co-Star Paul Walker’s Death

This is so touching! The third anniversary of Paul Walker’s death is coming up on Nov. 30, and his ‘Furious 7’ co-star Tyrese Gibson has wasted no time in honoring his friend’s memory with a heartbreaking post, preparing fans for the rough week ahead.
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Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid Define Squad Goals As They Jet Off To VS Fashion Show

Can you say #SquadGoals? Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and their fellow Victoria’s Secrets models headed to Paris in style on November 27 for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and made sure to stop for a pic first! How cute!
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Lady Gaga Flaunts Her Thing In Tiger Print Blazer Before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It’s no perfect illusion — Lady Gaga really DID flaunt her cleavage in Paris on Nov. 27, while wearing a tiger print blazer ahead of her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance. See the singer’s daring look here!
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Calvin Harris Flaunts Ripped Abs While Asking ‘How Do Flies Breathe’ — Watch

Plato. Confucius. Decartes. Aristotle. Calvin Harris? The shirtless Scottish DJ may have just become one of the greatest thinkers that time will remember by posing a tremendous query on Snapchat: ‘how do flies breathe?’ Good question! Click through to watch the bizarre clip!
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Niall Horan Teases Epic One Direction Reunion — ‘We Will Be Back, We’d Be Silly Not To’

Okay, are you ready for this? One Direction is coming back! That’s right, according to Niall Horan, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Get the full scoop on the band’s epic reunion right here!
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European Commission President Praises Italian PM's Reforms Ahead Of Referundum

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker hopes Italians will not reject reforms sponsored by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi when they vote in a referendum over changing the country's constitution, he told a newspaper on Sunday.

Despite Mr Renzi's frequent attacks on the European Commission, Mr Juncker told La Stampa that the Italian Prime Minister was carrying out the right reforms and added that the country's budget for next year was complying with EU rules.

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Spanish Police Arrest Man For Attempting To Join ISIS In Syria

Spanish police arrested a man at Madrid's Barajas airport on Sunday who was attempting to join the Islamic State extremist group in war-torn Syria.

Spain's Interior Ministry said the suspect was detained by authorities in Jordan, where he was attempting to cross into Syria, and then handed over to Spain's Civil Guard for arrest.

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Family Of 3 Killed On Their Way To Thanksgiving Dinner By Man Fleeing Cops

A couple and their toddler were killed on Thanksgiving after a man fleeing from police smashed into their car near Pittsburgh.

David Bianco, 29, his fiancée Kaylie Meininger, 21, and their 2-year-old daughter, Annika, who were all on their way to Thanksgiving dinner, were killed when Demetrius Coleman, 22, crashed into them driving more than 100 mph, police said.

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The Philippines' President Swore At A British Journalist During Another Anti-US Tirade

During a press conference this week, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte again inveighed against the US, capping his rant by directing one his most frequently used insults against the British journalist who questioned him.

"You did raise earlier the comparison with Latin America and narcostate," Jonathan Miller, the Asia correspondent for the UK's Channel 4, said to Duterte in the president's hometown of Davao City in Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

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Details Of Desecrated Stockholm Mosque By Swastikas And Anti-Muslim Slogans

Unidentified hooligans made their way into a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday morning, throwing fire crackers and painting swastikas and anti-Muslim slogans on the walls.
The incident occurred shortly after morning prayers in a mosque in the Bredäng district of Stockholm.

“One or more” perpetrators painted a swastika and wrote “kill Muslims” on the walls before fleeing the scene, SVT reported.

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East Congo Militia Kills 30 Civilians, Most From Rival Ethnic Group

An ethnic Nande militia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed about 30 civilians, mostly Hutus, on Sunday morning, local sources said, in an apparent escalation of deadly violence between the two groups that has flared repeatedly this year.

Joy Bokele, territorial administrator in North Kivu province's Lubero territory, told Reuters that fighters from the Mai Mai Mazembe militia attacked the village of Luhanga at about 5 a.m. (0300 GMT) with guns and machetes.

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9-Month-Pregnant Woman Shot Dead In Thailand

A nine-month-pregnant woman has been shot dead in southern Thailand by a gunman suspected of being a Muslim insurgent, police said Sunday.

A gunman who arrived by motorcycle walked up to two women eating at a street stall Saturday evening in Pattani province's Panarae district, shooting both before fleeing, said police Capt. Norawit Thongsod.

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Death Toll Rises To 6 In Australia Thunderstorm Asthma

The number of deaths from Australia's "thunderstorm asthma" episode has risen to six and three others are in critical condition, authorities said Sunday, as they assessed the fallout from the unprecedented event.

Four victims -- ranging from the ages of 18 to 35 -- were last week linked to the unusual weather phenomenon, where a thunderstorm coincided with a high pollen count and sent more than 8,500 patients to hospital emergency departments.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Blac Chyna Can’t Wait To Be Married To Rob Kardashian: Dream Made Him The ‘Happiest’ Man

Too cute! Blac Chyna can’t wait to tie the knot with her beau Rob Kardashian, especially now that she’s witnessed the bond he has with their daughter Dream. Their bundle of joy has made him the ‘happiest’ he’s ever been!
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Kylie Jenner Flaunts Major Curves In Sexy Skin Tight Dress — Pics

Kylie Jenner flaunted her gorgeous frame in a skin-tight dress, and we are SO jealous! Kylizzle definitely has our body goals! See the sexy pics!
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Selena Gomez: Why She Turned Down Taylor Swift’s Sweet Invite To Thanksgiving

Selena Gomez has been part of Taylor Swift’s squad for a long time now. So, naturally, Tay invited Selena to her big Thanksgiving dinner this year. But Selena turned down the invitation.
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Mariah Carey Reveals Eye Candy While Shopping For Groceries After Photoshop Fail

Untouched photos of Mariah Carey grocery shopping have popped up amid her terrible Photoshop fail, and just as we thought, she’s still fabulous! See the pics here!
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Kanye Battled Paranoia & Depression For Months Before Hospitalization — Report

This is so terribly sad! Kanye West was reportedly deeply depressed and paranoid for months leading up to his recent hospitalization. How horrible that it was building for that long! Get the full details on what Kanye has been going through, right after the jump.
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European Union Has Links With 'Odious Regimes' Like Saudi Arabia – Juncker

When asked whether the EU should still have dialogue with a “more and more authoritarian” Turkish president, the head of the European Commission responded by asking why nobody has been questioning him about EU relations with Saudi Arabia. He spoke of a necessity to have links with “odious regimes”.

“We have relations with all dictatorships because we need to organize, to co-organize the world,” Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview with Euronews.

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Vladimir Putin Presents ‘Honored’ Actor Steven Seagal With A Russian Passport

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented actor Steven Seagal with a Russian passport on Friday in a show of friendly relations with the U.S., according to NBC News.

Seagal signed his passport in front of Putin at a Kremlin ceremony. Putin said he hoped it would serve as a symbol of how tense ties between Moscow and Washington, D.C. were starting to improve.

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Iraq's Parliament Adopts Law Legalizing Sanctioned Shia Militias

Iraq's parliament on Saturday voted to accord full legal status to government-sanctioned Shia militias as a "back-up and reserve" force for the military and police and empower them to "deter" security and terror threats facing the country, like the Islamic State group.

The legislation, supported by 208 of the chamber's 327 members, was promptly rejected by Sunni Arab politicians and lawmakers who said it was evidence of what they called the "dictatorship" of the country's Shia majority.

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Unidentified Attackers Burst Into Stockholm Mosque, Paint Swastikas

 At a Stockholm mosque just after morning prayers on Saturday, unidentified attackers burst into the building, spray painting swastikas and hate speech on the walls and throwing firecrackers, police said.

All of the worshippers had left the mosque at the time of the attack except one, and he was shaken but unharmed, mosque officials told Swedish news agency TT.

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11 Killed In Car Bomb Blast In Mogadishu Somalia

A car bomb exploded near a police station in a busy market in the Somali capital on Saturday, killing at least 11 people and injuring 16 others, a police official said.

The attack targeted a police station in Mogadishu's Waberi neighborhood while President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud had been visiting a university, said Captain Mohamed Hussein.

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4-Year-Old Playing With A Gun On Thanksgiving Day Shot A 2-Year-Old Cousin, Philadelphia Police Say

When authorities responded to the Philadelphia home on Thursday afternoon, they discovered a young child who had been shot, according to police.
Omar Laboy-Vega and Rachel Santiago have both been charged in connection with the shooting of a 2-year-old.

The victim was just a toddler, police say. And the person who investigators say pulled the trigger wasn't much older. Authorities say the 2-year-old boy was shot by his 4-year-old cousin, who was apparently playing with the gun before it discharged, according to reports.

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