Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bella Hadid: Why She’s Turning Down Every Hot Guy That Asks Her Out After Breakup

It’s no secret that Bella Hadid is a hot commodity now that she’s a single lady, but we EXCLUSIVELY learned that she’s turning guys down left and right! Here’s why.

“Everyone wants to date Bella [Hadid]. She gets asked out like ten times a day,” an insider tells. “Her friends are all trying to set her up, too, but so far, she’s turning everyone down. She’s just not ready and she has no interest. She’s still getting over her [October] breakup from The Weeknd, 27. He obviously has no problem moving on, but she’s not built that way. It’s going to take time and she’s okay with that.”

Indeed, The Weeknd sure has moved on fast — he’s been completely hot and heavy with Selena Gomez, 24 since they were first spotted together in January. Even though he’s been touring the world over the last several months, the two have made time for one another — just earlier this week, she joined him in Brazil and Argentina, where they were photographed looking beyond in love and happier than ever.

Unfortunately, Sel had to leave South America on March 29 to attend to some business back home, but after The Weeknd’s upcoming April 1 and 2 shows, he has a nearly month-long break from the road. Hopefully they’ll be able to spend some more quality time together?!

As for Bella, she hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically since the breakup. Instead, she’s been spending a lot of time with her family, and was able to pour herself into modeling for various Fashion Weeks in February and the beginning of March. Now that she has some downtime, though, it might be the right moment for her to finally accept one of those dates, right?!

Do you think Bella should start dating again? Are you surprised she’s still so heartbroken?


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