Thursday, 30 March 2017

Blac Chyna’s Paranoia: She’s Convinced Tyga & Rob Are Teaming Up Against Her

Having two baby daddies is not easy…and it looks like Blac Chyna is learning that the hard way.

Now, she’s totally convinced that her exes, Tyga and Rob Kardashian, are working together to spread lies about her, which is why she went crazy on Snapchat March 29, a new report claims.

Tyga, 27, and Rob Kardashian, 30, have reportedly gotten friendly since the latter’s split from Blac Chyna, 28. However, since Rob isn’t totally on the outs with the pair’s mutual ex, he’s been filling her in on some of their pow-wows, and she’s NOT happy about what’s being said, according to TMZ.

The site reports that Tyga and Chyna, who share son King Cairo, 4, rarely talk, but she did call him recently about payment for King’s nannies. However, he apparently misread her intentions and thought she was trying to get back together with him…a tidbit of information he shared with Rob.

Rob brought this info back to Chyna, TMZ claims, which is what led to her wild Snapchat rant on March 29 and reported paranoia over her exes’ friendship.

Chyna seemed to confirm her disdain over this Tyga/Rob friendship with a final message in a string of Snapchat stories: “Imma be glad when y’all stop calling each other about me,” she wrote. “Ughhh y’all acting like I got y’all on child support.”

While most of Blac’s ranting seems to be focused on Tyga — she made it clear she was only calling him to talk about King, not because “[she] still wants [him]” — we EXCLUSIVELY learned that Rob’s worried he’s the next target. “[He] hopes he’s not the net casualty on her Snapchat hit list!” our source explained. We certainly wouldn’t want to be…

Do you think Tyga and Rob are teaming up against Blac? Or is she just being totally paranoid?


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