Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Demi Lovato Makes Out With Ed Sheeran Pillow In Hilarious Jimmy Fallon ‘Ew!’ Skit

Priceless! Demi Lovato made a surprise visit by ‘The Tonight Show’ Mar. 24 to star in Jimmy Fallon’s always hilarious ‘Ew!’ skit. We’ve got the video of their epic sketch where she ended up making out with an Ed Sheeran pillow.

Love it! Demi Lovato wasn’t scheduled to be a guest on The Tonight Show Mar. 24, so it was quite a treat when she showed up to appear alongside Jimmy Fallon, 42, in his infamous “Ew!” sketch. For those not in the know, the host plays adolescent girl Sara, the star of a Teen Nick show that “she” does from her basement of her parents house and invites over her friends as guests.The 24-year-old “Stone Cold” singer came on as “Emily Levitz” and the two “girls” were so excited to be going to a big dance!

Sara told Emily she was so happy that they were going to the spring fling as each other’s dates because “Boys are gross!” Ew, of course! Emily just came from the mall and showed off her party dress, an awful Emerald green confection with frilly sleeves that looked like a 1980’s throwback. Of course Sara loved it, giving no Ew’s to the “classic color.”

“What if a boy wants to kiss us?” Emily wondered and of course Sara had just the answer, whipping out pillows to practice making out on. Fortunately they came with famous faces on them, with Emily getting Ed Sheeran to mack on while Sara got Mario Lopez. The two got into intense lip locking with their pillow hunks before being rudely interrupted by Stepdad Gary, who is always a big EW!

Plenty of celebs have jumped at the chance to take part in the always hilarious “Ew!” sketch, including Jennifer Lopez, 47, Miley Cyrus, 24, Ariana Grande, 24, and Oscar winner Emma Stone, 28. It doesn’t even have to be female guests who take part in the skit as Zac Efron, 28, and Seth Rogen, 34, gleefully went in drag and played along back in May 2014 while they were promoting Neighbors. Now Demi can add her name to the famous faces who have paid a visit to Sara’s basement!

hat did you think of Demi’s turn with the “Ew!” sketch? Did she bring the funny?


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