Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ed Sheeran Passionately Kisses Greg Davies On ‘Comic Relief’ & We’re Freaking Out

Yowza! Ed Sheeran is such a good sport, willing to passionately kiss comic Greg Davies all in the name of charity. We’ve got the crazy video and details on why they had a massive make out session for Red Nose Day.

Oh Teddy! Ed Sheeran, 26, was such a great participant in Britain’s Red Nose Day telecast, as not only did he perform during the charity fundraiser, he had a hot make out session for a good cause!

During the Mar. 24 show the talented ginger appeared with hosts Miranda Hart and Rob Beckett, who advised him that there was a special rule he had to abide by. “I don’t know if Ed knows the Comic Relief rules, they’re silly rules but let’s stick by them,” Miranda shared. “It demands that the musical act has to kiss with passion and considerable meaning, the tallest host of the night.”

Miranda is 6’1″ so she was setting it up so that she would get the make out sesh with Ed, but standing next to her was 6’8″ British actor/comedian Greg Davies. He ended up on the receiving end of the singer’s passionate kiss, where they grabbed each other emotionally and rocked back and forth while holding each other.

Earlier in the show, Ed performed his new single “What Do I Know?” and was featured in a vignette where he visited Liberia to see firsthand the crisis involving street children. He had a heartfelt talk with a homeless boy named J.D. who lost his grandfather and mother to the Ebola virus and was abandoned by his father.

While Ed made the plea in the Comic Relief fundraiser, “It’s really important you donate so we can get these kids off the street and into a school and give them a future,” he told the camera crew he couldn’t leave the situation without helping out personally.

Ed was so moved that he took it upon himself to find shelter for J.D. and five of his friends so that they wouldn’t have to sleep in abandoned boats on a dangerous beach at night. He pledged to find a way to keep a roof over their heads and get them into school so that they had hope for the future, no matter what it cost because he was taking care of it. Way to go Ed!

What do you think about Ed’s crazy make out session with Greg? Did he give it his all?


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