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‘Empire’ Recap: Cookie & Lucious Deal With The Aftermath Of Their Bloody Fight

Cookie and Lucious attempt to move on after their vicious showdown on the March 29 episode of ‘Empire.’ Plus, Tiana warms up to Bella, [SPOILER] leaves town, and Nia Long’s character is finally introduced.

Cookie and Lucious both try to clean up the mess they made in the aftermath of their vicious fight, but in very different ways. Cookie wonders what she’s done as she washes the blood off her body.

She tries to scrub herself clean. With Lucious, he refuses to acknowledge what happened and has his team clean up the destruction. When people at the office start asking, including Anika, he covers up what happened. Is it to protect Cookie? Your guess is as good as mine.

Cookie is still reeling from the fight and invites Candace over to talk. There’s a thin line between love and hate for Cookie and Lucious, but they crossed it. Big time. Candace hits the nail on the head about these two, though. “You’re addicted to that man,” she says to Cookie. Lucious was Cookie’s first and for 20 years he was her only. Cookie and Lucious had sex for the first time after her father kicked her out.

He was there for her when she needed someone the most. She hasn’t forgotten that.

Cookie thinks she loves Angelo, which means she ultimately doesn’t. She doesn’t feel a fraction for Angelo what she feels for Lucious. But Cookie knows Lucious is not good for her. Cookie wants to come clean to Angelo and wipe the slate (and her conscience) clean, but Candace forbids it.

Painful Love

Tiana, Hakeem, and Becky audition dancers for T’s new single “All In.” This will be Hakeem’s directorial debut. Takeem is going strong, and I can’t handle how cute they are. “It’s going to be epic,” he says. “I promise.” Everything is crystal clear with Takeem until Hakeem starts talking about Tiana hanging out with Bella. Tiana isn’t quite ready for all that and that’s totally understandable. She loves Hakeem, but that’s not her kid!

After one day with Lucious’ mom, Thirsty got her a new bodyguard. Lucious’ mom manages to sneak off to go see Tarik! She is so mad about Lucious hiring Anika. Meanwhile, Andre and Nessa are busy working with Shine on new music. Nessa thinks there’s some shady business going on and there is. Shine brings in a guy whose name is literally DANGER.

Cookie goes back to the scene of the crime in Lucious’ office and catches Lucious and Anika exiting the bathroom together. Man, he knows how to hit her where it hurts. As much as she tries to hide it, Cookie is jealous. But as Lucious says, she left him “high and dry and bleeding.” If she wants to play mind games, then he will, too. There’s one thing he knows for certain, though. “You love me. You’ll always love me,” he says to Cookie.

All About The Music

Back at Empire, Becky is still pissed about not being named the head of A&R. Anika knows it’s a tough subject, but she reaches out to Becky. She admits that she trusts Becky to make creative decisions and gives her free reign over Tiana’s video. Jamal and Tori are busy working on new music together. They’re going for a new sound, and they really do make some beautiful music together.

However, Lucious comes in and ruins Jamal’s vibe. He takes over Jamal’s studio and brings in Nessa and Veronica for a new song. Once Lucious gets something going, he can’t stop. All he can hear is the music and doesn’t give a f*ck about anything else.

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Tarik corners Anika once again. He knows that she can’t testify against Lucious, but she can take down Cookie. He offers her witness protection in return for helping him. He warns her it won’t be pretty if she doesn’t take the deal. Anika goes to the park with Bella, but Hakeem shows up. She hands Bella to Hakeem and bolts.

Angelo is exonerated, but the police still aren’t getting off his or Cookie’s back. Apparently, she’s now in violation of her parole for hanging out with a known felon. All eyes go to Lucious on that tip-off. Angelo confronts Lucious about what’s going on. He tells Lucious to “step back.” Cookie has made her decision (not really). If Lucious decides to come after him again, Angelo says he’ll make sure Lucious endures a “terrible” pain. Lucious and Cookie need to cut the crap and figure out what they want. They’re only bringing more people down their rabbit hole.

Hello, Gia

Shine confronts Andre about his meds. Andre assures Shine he’d never hurt Nessa. Shine doesn’t know what the heck is up with the plot to kill Lucious. It’s still a go, and Andre’s ready to take the next step. Shine, Andre, and Danger meet with Shine’s contact Rafael, who brings his wife, played by Nia Long, in to their meeting.

Their marriage isn’t exactly a happy one. He thinks Gia set him up by bringing him to meet with a Lyon. After he pushes her around, she shoots him dead. When Danger starts to go after Gia, Shine shoots him dead. Despite the bloodbath, Andre still wants to do business.

Hakeem brings Bella to the video shoot with Tiana, who kind of flips out about it. There’s a lot being thrown at her at once. Hakeem promises that they can handle this — their music, their careers, his baby — together. When Tiana holds baby Bella, her heart melts.

The episode ends with Jamal getting furious with Lucious for stealing Tori and adding her to the song with Nessa and Veronica. Jamal and D-Major later rekindle their romance. Cookie has dinner with Angelo and Candace, but she can’t get her mind off Lucious. Oh, Cookie…

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