Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Faith Evans Confirms Dating Stevie J & Then Slams Him: He’s ‘Addicted’ To ‘Drama’

Faith Evans is no longer holding back about her romance with Stevie J now that it’s over in a new interview she not only confirms that they were once together, but also disses him while explaining why it never would have worked out.

Faith Evans, 43, has finally opened up about her rumored and fleeting romance with Stevie J, 45. During a radio interview with The Breakfast Club, one of the hosts referred to Stevie as Faith’s “boo” and she quickly shut it down. “He’s not anymore,” she said, confirming that not only were they once an item but that they were now split.

However, Faith had a lot more to say about Stevie, someone she was friends with for over 10 years before taking things to a romantic level. When asked what happened between them, Faith said: “I just don’t like the drama, and I think he might be a little bit addicted to the drama.” Burn!

As for how they even got together, Faith admitted that she put up a fight while Stevie was trying to get with her. “I never took Stevie serious, actually, but I think probably in the last 10 years I would say is he trying to flirt? Let’s go, but I never saw him like that,” she explained. Later she shared, “I don’t know what made me finally say okay. He convinced me, I ain’t even gonna lie.” Hey, at least she’s honest!

Although their relationship didn’t flourish into something big and magical, Faith shared that he would tell her he “loved” her. And yes, things were definitely intimate, which Faith had no problem talking about. She shared that they hooked up a “few” times, and that he definitely wasn’t complaining about it. Get it, girl!

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