Friday, 31 March 2017

John Cena: Wrestlemania 33 Is The ‘Most Exciting’ One & It’s All Because Of Nikki

OMG, so sweet! John Cena is gearing up for Wrestlemania 33, but at CinemaCon 2017 he revealed why it’s the ‘most exciting’ one of his career — and yes, it has everything to do with his beautiful girlfriend, Nikki Bella!

John Cena, 39, was being celebrated at CinemaCon 2017, but he couldn’t help gushing over his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, 33, instead. While chatting backstage at the Big Screen Achievement Awards on Thursday, March 30, the wrestling superstar shared his excitement for Wrestlemania 33 which is on Sunday, April 2. But what’s got him so excited for this one? Nikki, duh!

“This is by far the most exciting [Wrestlemania],” John shared while reminiscing on his many years at the annual wrestling event. “To be able to do what I love with the person that I love so very much, that’s the moment I thought I would never have.” Aw! So far John, Wrestlemania 33 will be the best one of his career and it’s all because he’ll have Nikki right by his side throughout the whole thing. So, so sweet.

John also shared whether or not he would ever want to do a movie with Nikki, and of course the answer was yes! So, what kind of movie could we possibly see John and Nikki co-starring in together? He says, “Certainly a relationship comedy because at times our relationship seems like a comedy.” You hear that, movie studios? Let’s get to work on making that movie happen ASAP!

Make sure you tune in on Sunday, April 2 to see it all go down on Wrestlemania 33. And don’t forget to follow along with ALL of‘s coverage of the event!

Tell us, folks — What do YOU think about John and Nikki fighting in Wrestlemania 33 together? Do you think they’ll ever get married? Comment below!


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