Friday, 31 March 2017

Justin Bieber Caught Facetiming Sexy Brunette in Rio, Brazil: Is It Luciana? — See Pics

Well well well! It looks like Justin Bieber sure has taken a liking to gorgeous brunettes during his stay in Rio.

He was spotted having a fun Facetime session with a lovely lady Mar, 30, and we’ve got the details of if it was with new honey Luciana Chamone.

Yowza! Justin Bieber has been living the high life in Rio de Janeiro as he took some much-needed days off during his South American tour. He was spotted getting cuddly and cozy with stunning Luciana Chamone in the back seat of a car Mar. 29 and it looks like he’s back for more. He showed off a Facetime session to members of the paparazzi Mar. 30 with the Brazilian beauty, or someone who appears to be her exact twin.

The 23-year-old sported a giant grin as he flashed his phone with Luciana on his screen. He must have had quite a good time with the sexy Belieber after they met while partying at Fasano Hotel in Rio, and he took her back to his rented mansion. The Biebs looked SO into her, putting his arm around her and sweetly kissing her forehead and he didn’t care at all that there were a ton of photogs snapping away at his affectionate moment.

Lucky Luciana was already a superfan of Justin, as she posted a Snap from his Purpose tour concert with heart-eyed emojis. Can you imagine what it must be like for her to suddenly have the affections of her idol? Beliebers everywhere must be SO jealous that she’s living their dream by getting to spend quality time with the singer.

We’ll soon see if was just a cute Rio fling or something more, as he’s about to head on to Sao Paolo, Brazil for his next tour stop Apr. 1. Will he bring Luciana along?

Do you think Justin and Luciana make a cute couple?


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