Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Kim Kardashian Calls Out Haters For Photoshopping Her — See The Before & After Shots

Hah! Don’t mess with Kim Kardashian when it comes to poorly photoshopped pics of her because she will throw down! The reality star has come forth with proof that a popular before and after shot of her making the rounds is clearly doctored.

We know Kim Kardashian‘s always been stunning, but she did have a road of transition over the years to become the beauty icon that she is today.

Someone decided to have a little too much fun with her less than polished look, taking an old picture of her without any makeup on to do “before and after” shots of the reality star via photoshop. In the first photo, the jokester added a bad wig to make it appear she was starting to get gray hairs, stretched her face wide to make it look like she had a giant nose and threw on a pair of glasses for good measure.

The culprit then used a real “after” picture where she was red-carpet glam and gorgeous to show off her evolution.

Kim caught wind of the meme that was going around, hitting up her Snapchat followers to ask “Wait, who has seen this? The pic on the left is photoshopped. Not my hair, eyebrows or glasses.”  The eyebrows in particular are so obviously fake, as they’re so big and bushy and there is absolutely no point in time that the 36-year-old ever let them grow out like that.

She even proved that the photoshop job was a total fake by posting the original photo that the prankster altered. “Not much better, but is this the pic they photoshopped?” she joked, showing the real pic in her younger days when she was papped without makeup. Kim is still gorgeous in the photo because she’s a total natural beauty, and her flowing dark locks look stylish even with her dressed down appearance.

Note to photoshop haters — if you’re going to try to make Kim look bad, at least have better set of art skills!

Did you think that the photo of Kim in the transformation pic was actually her? Or could you tell it was photoshopped?


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