Thursday, 16 March 2017

‘L&HH’s Tommie Lee Attacks Karlie Redd In The Club: Watch Vicious Fight — Video

Oh lordy! ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ is really going to be filled with drama this season as cameras were rolling while Tommie Lee attacked Karlie Redd in a vicious fight involving punching and kicking. We’ve got the scary video, right here.

Holy cow! Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta already has so many juicy storylines going, and another one is on the way as Tommie Lee, 32, went after Karlie Redd HARD at a club Mar. 14, and needed to be restrained by security.

According to reports, Tommie and show newbie Lovely Mimi tried to attack Karlie inside the Blue Ivory Club after the 38-year-old reportedly had been dissing the two, allegedly calling Mimi a “clown.” Whatever did go down, we’ll see on a future episode as cameras were there to film for the show.

In a video taken by someone who was in the club at the time, Tommie can be seen in a cropped white fur coat and pants being tackled onto a stage by numerous members of security and she isn’t going down without a fight! She’s kicking and punching as they try desperately to restrain the mother of two.

The report claims that they were able to restrain Tommie before she was able to physically harm Karlie, who allegedly threw a bracelet at her. T-girl really needs to keep a lid on her temper, because her terroristic threats towards cast member Joseline Hernandez, 30, have already landed her in jail!

This is going to be the craziest season yet, and now we’ve got a full on cat fight to wait forward to.

Already we’re going to be seeing Joseline and Steve J, 45, try to work out the drama surrounding their baby daughter Bonnie Bella. Speaking of babies, there’s Kirk Frost‘s alleged side piece Jasmine Washington, 25, who reportedly had his baby and his wife Rasheeda, 34, is going to have to cope with the unfolding drama on if he’s the boy’s papa. Whew, sit back and grab the popcorn because Monday nights are going to be so wild!

Do you think Tommie was right to try to attack Karlie if she threw down words about her?


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