Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Rich The Kid Kicked Off Plane By Police After Playing Music Too Loud — Watch

Uh oh! Hip hop star Rich the Kid learned that sky rules are still in effect even if you’re on the ground in an airplane. He got a police escort off of his flight Mar. 20 after playing music too loud as the aircraft was approaching its gate.

Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you get to break rules on a commercial plane and Rich the Kid learned that the hard way Mar. 20. He was on a Delta flight that had just touched down at LAX when he allegedly started playing music on his phone really loud, without earphones.

That didn’t sit well with a flight attendant who told him to turn down the volume and he refused. That is a BIG no-no as until you get off the plane, as they’re in charge and can call the cops on any passenger they feel is being unruly and that’s exactly what happened.

Before the rest of he passengers disembarked, officers were waiting to take him off the plane to question him and boy was Rich pissed off, especially at the flight attendant who busted him. TMZ got their hands on a video he took of the entire aftermath, showing the walkway from the plane and the woman who turned him in and he went OFF! “Rusty a** b*tch called the police on me for playing music. Rusty, she’s dirty. Look at her,” he defiantly snaps.

Anything that goes down on an airplane is under federal jurisdiction, as a man can be heard telling Rich — real name Dimitri Leslie Roger — that, “This is an F.B.I. matter, even though the plane is still taxiing and stuff…as long as the seatbelt sign is still on and the cabin door is closed.” That just angers Rich even more as he goes off on a massive rant about Rusty the stewardess again. While he wasn’t arrested, he was given a lecture about being respectful to fellow passengers.

Do you think Rich the Kid has learned his lesson? Or does his rant make it seem like he didn’t think he did anything wrong?


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