Monday, 20 March 2017

‘The Walking Dead’ EP Promises A ‘Conclusive’ & Action-Packed Season 7 Finale

Start preparing yourselves now for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 finale. Executive producer Scott M. Gimple talked about what’s coming up in the final few episodes. Plus, he revealed how the season 7 finale compares to last season’s horrifying end.

The characters have been preparing for war, but are we going to see any action by season’s end?

The season finale is coming up, can we expect the death of another fan favorite?

Anything is possible, especially where action is concerned.

There has been a lot of time jumping this season, lots of back and forth — why was that so important this season?

I think it was just a function of telling each character’s story. Every character on this show has a beginning, middle, and end. Some of them are bigger than others — story beats wise — but the way that they weave together, the way that they make up a bigger story, that’s what all that jumping around was about. I hope when you get to 716 the audience is like, “Ah, I see what you did there.”
How would describe the season finale and how it compares to last season’s finale?

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I mean, it’s very different. Last season’s was about a very dark culmination to a very, very, very scary and difficult uncertainty. This is going to be a bit more conclusive. It’s an end of a chapter that promises a big story coming up.

The Walking Dead season 7 finale airs April 2 on AMC. The cast and producers were on hand at the show’s PaleyFest panel on March 17 in Los Angeles. The season 8 premiere will be The Walking Dead’s 100th episode, Scott also revealed during the panel that the episode is the beginning of a “gigantic, epic tale.”

Who do you think will die? Let us know your thoughts and theories below!


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