Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Weeknd Catches Selena Gomez Wearing His Sweatshirt & Hilariously Calls Her Out

Aww! Selena Gomez and The Weeknd exemplify the ‘picture perfect’ couple if you ask us. Not only do they share clothes, but they also like to poke fun at each other, which is obviously a sign of major love and affection!

See what The Weeknd said when he caught Selena wearing his sweatshirt.

The Weeknd adorably called out his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, on Instagram, when she recently posted a picture of herself wearing his red sweatshirt. Apparently, Selena nabbed one of his hoodies and wore it the next day when she was in the studio, so The Weeknd just wanted her to know he caught her — in a cute way, of course.

After Selena posted the Instagram picture, the “I Feel It Coming” singer commented on it and said, “Sweater” alongside an emoji of a face rolling its eyes. So funny!

Either The Weeknd was looking for his sweatshirt before Selena posted her pic and he was glad he finally found it, or he’s just teasing her because he loves her. Regardless, we think they’re so cute together, and we hope they keep showing off their relationship.

We also recently learned that Selena Gomez is recording new music — hence the pic in the studio — and her songs were somewhat inspired by her relationship with The Weeknd. “She has definitely gathered more than a little inspiration from their relationship over the past few months,” a source said EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena is super psyched to be back in the studio again.

Joining The Weeknd on tour really revved her up to start making new music again and she’s loving being back at work.”

How do YOU feel about sharing clothes with a significant other? Is it cute, or…? Tell us below!


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