Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Trevor Noah Slams Fox News As The Real President: Not Donald Trump — Here’s Why

Donald Trump may have been in office for two months now, but that doesn’t mean he’s everyone’s ‘president’ — especially not Trevor Noah’s. Trevor has actually given Fox News the title of commander-in-chief, but the reason behind the decision isn’t so flattering!

Last time Trevor Noah gave us the lowdown on who the current commander-in-chief was in his reoccurring segment “Who Is the Real President?” it was President Donald Trump‘s “shadowy manipulator” Steve Bannon, but this time it wasn’t just one person. No, it was a large number of people — the minds behind Fox News!

“Yes, since Fox got rid of the woman who was coming between them and Trump,” Trevor said as he put a pic of reporter Megyn Kelly on the screen, “they’ve since been on a long honeymoon with the president.” Trevor joked that not only is Fox the president’s “favorite” channel, but Trump has “been on Fox so much, he’s almost been sexually assaulted by Roger Ailes.”

“The reason Fox News is currently the president is because since Trump took office, Fox has been the source of much of the crazy s**t he’s said,” Trevor said. “If Trump’s lies are the virus, Fox News is the sex monkey that started it all.”

Trevor cited Trump’s decision to believe Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano‘s claim that the Obama administration wiretapped him, without any evidence, as an example. “Because the Trump administration serves at the pleasure of Fox, this porcupine man’s insane charge became the official White House position,” Trevor said.

“If you were really the president and your administration pisses off your closest ally, you would try to restore their trust. Or if you were Donald Trump, you would do this,” he said as he showed a hilarious clip of Trump putting the blame on Fox. “‘Don’t talk to me, I just work here. Fox is in charge,’” Trevor said in his best Trump impression.

What do you think about Trevor’s claim that Fox News is the real president? Give us all your thoughts below!


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