Monday, 20 March 2017

#YouTubePartyIsOver: Outraged Fans Protest Site’s Restricted Mode With Hilarious Memes

YouTube is in seriously hot water! In response to the site’s controversial ‘Restricted Mode’ feature, fans and vloggers alike have taken to Twitter to bash the site for blocking certain LGBTQ videos. You’ve GOT to see these hilarious memes!

Laughter really is the best medicine, isn’t it? Following the news that YouTube has added a ‘Restricted Mode’ feature to their site, hundreds of outraged users are posting funny memes on Twitter to try and ease their pain. ‘Restricted Mode’ allows people to block all kinds of LGBTQ videos from popping up on their newsfeed. Based off certain articles, it sounds like the addition is a voluntary thing, meaning it’s use is optional.

But certain celebs, like Tyler Oakley, 27, claim the site automatically blocked their content without warning. Check out these wild reactions!

Clearly people are not feeling ‘Restricted Mode.’ Among the list of protesters are Tyler and Tegan & Sara, who’s music videos mostly revolve around LGBTQ relationships. These celebrities are highly confused as to why YouTube would create such a thing and are demanding answers.

The site has not yet released a public statement, but they better act fast before these peaceful online protests turn into something scarier and more dangerous! ‘Restricted Mode’ is already acting fast and removing hundreds of music videos, including “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez.

Many fans are saying that YouTube wouldn’t have reached such massive success if it weren’t for the LGBTQ community. In response, Twitter users created the trending hashtag #YouTubePartyIsOver as a way to boycott the site. Unfortunately, since YouTube is reportedly the third most popular website in the world, it’s not exactly easy to dismiss it so quickly.

The addition of ‘Restricted Mode’ comes at an awfully interesting time, considering Donald Trump is President. After all, it was he who removed the abortion and LGBTQ pages off the White House’s website. Surely it’s not a coincidence.

How do YOU feel about the ‘Restricted Mode?’ Are you against it?


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