Monday, 3 April 2017

Amanda Stanton Reveals She Talked To Josh Murray’s Ex Andi Dorfman After Nasty Split

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are not exactly playing nice after their breakup, and in a shocking new interview, Amanda reveals that she’s been chatting with another one of his exes — Andi Dorfman. Amanda and Andi, friends? What is going on?!

Amanda Stanton, 26, has “connected with someone who may know what she is going through” since her breakup with Josh Murray, 32, as Amanda tells E! News in an April 2 interview. “Andi [Dorfman, 29] and I chatted a bit,” she laughingly told the outlet, “A little bit.” Hold the phone! Obviously, Josh and Andi dated before he was with Amanda, and we have to say it’s pretty shocking that his exes are getting together!

Amanda also revealed that she even thought about ending things with Josh while Bachelor in Paradise was still on. “I almost broke up with him while the show was airing and I was going to do After Paradise and be like, ‘We broke up,'” she told E!. “I ended up — I wanted to keep trying because I kept thinking about our first date on the show and how excited I was about him and I think that’s what made me keep trying.” Aww.

Finally, Amanda shared details about her final days with Josh. “I actually broke up with him after Jingle Ball,” she said. “He refused to admit it and he wanted to keep trying, and he would post Instagram pictures like, ‘Happy happy happy.'” Oh, boy. She also said that the hardest part has been trying not to hurt their kids. “The kids were involved and that he’s the only person I even dated since the divorce a while ago,” she revealed. “But they handled it really well.

I was right before the holidays and I kind of told them that he was going to spend the holidays with his family.” So heartbreaking.

Are you shocked that Amanda and Andi have been talking? Tell us what you think!


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