Ben Affleck Rushing To Date Right After Jen Garner Split? His Single Life Revealed

The struggle has been real for Ben Affleck as of late. After a tough split with Jennifer Garner and his stay in rehab, is the star ready to take a big leap and start a new relationship? Ben’s single life plans were revealed EXCLUSIVELY!

Ben Affleck has definitely been working on himself in rehab and therapy with his now ex-to-be Jennifer Garner, 44. He’s reportedly taking some time for himself and wants to avoid anything serious. “Ben is looking forward to remaining healthy from his recent stint in rehab and is looking forward to the single life,” a source said.

“He doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship,” the insider explained, “he wants to date around and enjoy being single for awhile.” Ben, 44, reportedly hoped focus on work for a while “and get back to doing some great films both in the directing and acting realm.” He apparently has decided to see this part of his life as chance to be renew himself a little bit.

“He is not taking his divorce as a mid life crisis, he is taking it as an opportunity to better himself,” the source said. Ben’s divorce from Jen has definitely been a slow one. The parents of three wanted to make it as smooth of a transition as possible.

That reportedly even meant Ben stayed on the family’s property to be close with the kids. “Ben particularly has spent lots of time in rehab and working on being a better person and father. However, here is the sticky part of their current divorce situation, Ben still lives in the guest house behind Jen and the kids. He loves being close to the family, the kids love having dad around and Jen is OK with it too, for now,” a source previously said.

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