Thursday, 13 April 2017

Chris Brown Lashes Out At His Social Media Followers: Stay On ‘My Meat’

Uh oh! Chris Brown was in a MOOD Apr. 12, as the singer went off on his Instagram followers in a nasty rant. We’ve got his scathing message telling fans to ‘stay on my meat,’ right here.

Oh man! Chris Brown is always one to speak his mind, and the 27-year-old singer hopped into the comments section of one of his Instagram posts to call out his haters and people who have nothing better to do than diss him. “Y’all be mad as f*** boi. For a bunch of trolls that don’t like my music or what I stand for, y’all sure do stay on my meat and spend the same time arguing on the comments I make or defense of them,” he wrote.

He does make a good point that hating on him is really just a big waste of energy because in the end, people are still glued to whatever he is up to. “I know y’all is sad about what’s wrong with the world, but I’m almost certain you are doing nothing to help your family, community or yourselves because you’re consumed by CHRIS BROWN. That’s got to be rough,” Hah! Way to tell ’em Breezy!

Chris ended his little tirade with a good reminder that no matter how fans feel about him, either way it means HE is on their minds. “There are similarities in the hate and love I get because you’re focusing the same energy and time into ME. At least you are paying attention…wouldn’t want y’all to miss anything!” followed by a big red heart emoji. We’ve got to hand it to Breezy for keeping it 100 with his haters and trolls, letting them know that no matter how they feel about him, in the end he wins!

How do you feel about Chris? Do you love or hate Breezy?


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