Thursday, 13 April 2017

DANIELLE BREGOLI ‘Cash Me Outside’ BUSTED FOR WEED She’s Only 14 Years Old

It seems Danielle Bregoli just can’t stay out of trouble. The 14-year old ‘Cash Me Outside’ star was allegedly busted by cops for possession and intake marijuana outside her friend’s house in Florida on Apr. 12. Read on for all the shocking details!

Danielle Bregoli has once again found herself in a sticky situation. The 14-year old teenager, famously remembered for her “cash me outside” line on Dr. Phil, was allegedly cited by Florida police officers for weed possession, according to TMZ. Here’s how the day went down.

The reality star was kicking back at her friend’s house in Boynton Beach when a cop car drove by.

The officers, who allegedly got a strong whiff of marijuana, got out to chat with the girls. But since neither one wanted to rat the other one out for allegedly smoking a joint, police cited them both.

For those keeping up with Danielle’s wild lifestyle, you’ll know that she’s already in hot water with authorities. The cops have been called over to her home multiple times, following reports that she and her mother, Barbara, often get into nasty, aggressive fights. In fact, there’s an investigation going on surrounding the video of Barbara hitting her daughter and knocking her down onto the hard floor.

The shocking footage, believed to be leaked by Danielle’s former best friend, could explain why the teen is so troubled.

Fortunately, there is a high chance Danielle can turn her life around and reinvent herself! The fiery redhead seems to have a passion for singing and music that could turn her into a superstar one day, especially after spending the day with two extremely successful producers in early April. Mark Batson and Che Pope, who have worked with talent like Beyonce, are the men capable of making her singer dreams come true — as long as she stays out of trouble!

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