Thursday, 20 April 2017

Demi Lovato: Did She Get A Boob Job? Fans Freak Over New Sexy Cleavage Pics

Whoa girl! Demi Lovato is getting cool for the summer in a hot new swimsuit, and her fans are freaking out about her more ample looking bust. We’ve got the Lovatics’ shocking reactions to if she might have had a boob job.

Demi Lovato has never looked better and boy does she know it! The 24-year-old has been flaunting her hot body all over her social media lately, and some Snapchat pics she shared on Apr. 19 show her looking extra busty. She’s always had a perky set of girls, but her cleavage looked way more ample than usual in a plunging blue one-piece swimsuit. That had fans freaking out that the poster girl for loving your body and taking care of it might have gone under the knife to get bigger boobs!

We can see why they were alarmed, as her breasts appeared way curvier than usual in the Snapchat pics. In a closer inspection, it looks like she’s just got her arms positioned so that she’s pushing her boobs closer together, which makes for a rocking decolletage. She later shared a selfie in the same swimsuit on her Instagram and with her arms away from her chest, her boobs were back to looking like their normal shape.

Lovatics immediately took notice of Demi’s massive cleavage, and it was a split decision on if they were happy or angry that she might have got a boob job. Some fans were okay with it because they liked her seemingly bigger breasts, while others were so angry and disappointed that she might have got implants.

After all, she joked about how she thought her girls were too small in a 2013 interview when she said, “I should get a boob job. They’re like mosquito bites,” Demi said, pointing to her boobs before laughing hysterically. Not anymore, as evidenced in these pics!

What do YOU think? Does it look like she got a boob job or was it just a really flattering photo and angle?


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