Saturday, 1 April 2017

Donald Trump Forgets To Sign Exec Orders At Signing Ceremony — WTF?

Talk about a brain fart! Donald Trump held a big ceremony to sign executive orders Mar. 31, and was so absent-minded that he forgot to put pen to paper and walked out the door instead. You’ve got to see the crazy video.

Another day, another gem of a moment from Donald Trump‘s highly unique presidency. He’s been a machine at cranking out executive orders – something he used to bash former President Barack Obama about — and was back at it on Mar. 31 to put his signature to trade enforcement papers. He spaced actually signing the documents and left the Oval Office abruptly, and the bizarre moment was caught on tape.

Trump, 70, came into the room and his Veep Mike Pence, 57, gave him a brief introduction before the prez took to the podium. He must have been in a hurry or had something big on his mind because he gave a brief one sentence statement. He told the media “You’re going to see some very very strong results very very quickly,” and turned and left the room! He was supposed to head over to his nearby desk in the Oval Office where the paperwork was waiting for his signature.

Pence was clearly aware that Trump had botched the event, trying to get his attention by tugging on his arm to keep him from leaving the room. Even reporters seemed befuddled, asking “Sir? sir?” The president usually makes signing his executive orders such a big to-do, always turning around the paperwork to show his signature with a smug look on his face. On Mar. 28 he had a HUGE ceremony surrounded by coal miners when he signed off on doing away with Obama era climate change protections.

On Trump’s way out the door it looks like Pence’s prodding finally made him realize he just had a total brain freeze moment and he made a motion and just kept walking. The veep then hurried over to the president’s desk and picked up the paperwork, which was later signed in another room.

Are you surprised that Donald forgot to sign his own executive orders? Do you think he was just being absent-minded?


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