Thursday, 20 April 2017

Flo Rida Sued: Woman Claiming He Fathered Her Child Wants Rapper To Pay Up

Whoa! Flo Rida is being sued by an alleged baby mama, according to a shocking April 20 report, and it’s all because he’s not supporting her and their 7-month-old baby boy, who might have health issues. Here’s what’s going on!

Alexis Adams is suing Flo Rida, 37, for not paying child support to her and baby Zohar Paxton, as TMZ claims in a new report. The woman allegedly says that she and the rapper “hooked up” in December 2015, according to documents seen by the site, and she included proof that he took a paternity test in December 2016 that had a 99.99% positive result…meaning he’s most likely the father!

Alexis claims that their relationship continued until January 2016, and the baby was born in September 2016, according to the site. Unfortunately, the baby is reportedly suffering from “hydrocephalus,” when water builds in the brain, and Alexis can’t afford his medical expenses for treatment, which is why she’s suing Flo Rida.

Finally, the rapper has not yet acknowledged that the child is his, according to the alleged documents, and Alexis is asking the court to grant her child support. We’ll keep you posted.

Flo might be experiencing deja vu, as he was actually sued for the exact same thing in September 2014! Natasha Georgette Williams also reportedly claimed he fathered her child, per TMZ. She, too, included a paternity test with a 99.99% chance he’s the father in her docs, and sued him in the state of Florida for “good fortune” support, which is when the wealthier parent pays up. And three years before THAT, a woman by the name of Gloria Halloway did the same, though her paternity test proved her claims untrue.

What do you think of all this?! Can you believe this has happened at least 3 times?


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