Monday, 24 April 2017

Kim Catches Scott With A ‘Tramp’ After Wild Night Of Partying In Dubai — Watch

We finally know what went down between Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick when he accompanied her to Dubai in January — and it’s all too familiar. Watch what happens with Kim catches the ‘tramp’ in Scott’s hotel room after a wild night of partying and drinking!

Scott Disick, 33, and Kourtney Kardashian, 38, are clearly in NO position of getting back together after what went down when the 33-year-old was in Dubai with Kim Kardashian, 36, and we’re finally seeing it all play out on the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

On the heels of an all-night bender full of alcohol, the father-of-three finds himself  “wasted” at noon the following day and smack in the middle of a Kardashian storm. Kim, who’s always prided herself on her snooping abilities, barges into his room — only to discover he’s hiding a mystery girl in there. Or as Kim calls her, a “tramp.”

“Do you think we should go bang down the bathroom door and see what the f*ck is in there?,” Kim yells to her friends, who are also on the trip. When she opens the door, a blurry feminine figure standing completely naked is visible. In Scott’s defense, he claims the only reason he hooked up with that chick is because his ex-girlfriend was doing the same with a mystery hunk — possibly model Younes Bendjima. “I’m here in Dubai, and I find out that Kourtney was with someone else.” Was it revenge sex? Or getting even sex?

That excuse would normally fly since the co-parents aren’t technically together, but what about the Costa Rica incident? On the same trip that Scott reportedly PROPOSED, he also hooked up with another woman. Yes it’s true that Kourtney laughed and rejected his proposal, but why couldn’t Scott have waited until he were back in LA?

When Kourtney’s family found out about Bella Banos (the side chick) they basically voted Scott off the island and forced him to go home early. Of course, he opted to go to Miami and party with more girls instead…

Do you think Scott slept with that chick in Dubai for revenge?


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