Saturday, 1 April 2017

Malia Obama’s Transformation: See Her Change From Cute Kid To Fashion Icon

It’s been more than eight years since Barack Obama was elected president and his daughter, Malia Obama, was thrust into the spotlight. The 18-year-old has literally grown up in front of our eyes, and you’ll be shocked to see just how much she’s changed!

It’s hard to believe that the little ten-year-old girl who was by Barack Obama’s side when he was first inaugurated as president in 2008 is now an 18-year-old adult! You probably didn’t notice Malia Obama’s transformation as it happened in paparazzi photos and on our television screens, but she’s a completely different person today than she was eight and a half years ago.

Her teeth have all grown in, her hair has grown and tamed, and she’s truly transformed into a stunning young woman!

These days, Malia is living in New York City, where she has an internship with The Weinstein Company. Even though her dad is no longer president, the teenager is constantly followed around by paparazzi hoping to catch a glimpse of her as she heads to and from work each day.

Malia generally keeps it pretty casual when she goes to work, but her sense of style is totally her own, and the public has become totally infatuated with her day-to-day looks.

From stylish mom jeans, to 90s-era windbreakers and tiny mini dresses in the middle of March, Malia is not afraid to take risks when it comes to her style, and we love seeing how much she’s grown every time she steps out in public.

The former First Daughter will be in NYC to finish up the internship over the next few months, and next fall, she’ll head off to Harvard. Click through the gallery above to see how much she’s changed since 2008 — you’ll literally see her grow up right before your eyes!

Can you believe how much Malia has changed!? Are you a fan of her sense of style these days?


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