Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Paris Jackson Shuts Down Body Shamers With 1 Simple Tweet & You’ll Love Her For It

Body shamers need to get out of Paris Jackson’s mentions, please, because she’s going to destroy them on Twitter!

The model totally ruined a rude fan who dared to mock her looks with one clever tweet, and we’re totally here for it. You have to see how she dealt with them!

Paris Jackson, 19, has an important message for internet trolls: don’t @ her! The up and coming model posts gorgeous pics from her shoots on her Twitter account every once in awhile, as she is totally allowed to do, and comes across a hater or two along the way. One troll took things a little too far and straight up implied that she looked fat, but Paris had the perfect response!

“yes you have out [sic] on a little weight”, the Twitter user tweeted at Paris, replying to an unknown tweet — presumably a photo. “f**k yeah I have” she simply responded. Amazing! Her empowering response clearly struck a chord with her followers, who voiced their support and admiration for the model in the tweet’s replies. “Be proud of your body. I think you look great!” someone said. “Love your heart. Love your tude.” wrote another. “You are a queen, omg.” read another tweet.

High praise! Paris’s tweet is important because she didn’t get offended that someone said she gained weight. She knows what she weighs, and is comfortable with her own body! She’s letting her fans and followers know that duh, she looks fabulous, and that look is still achieved with a little weight gain.

If this Twitter user was trying to offend her, then they clearly haven’t seen any of her recent modeling work or red carpet looks. She made her modeling debut in January 2017 in a print campaign for Chanel, channeling Marilyn Monroe in a classic USO-style shoot in retro white clothing, platinum blonde curls, and some cute soldiers to hoist her into the air.

That’s quite the debut! Plus, she was just on the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards looking a vision in a peacock feathered gown, with sideswept blonde waves. So fab!

Are you impressed by her sick burn? Tell us in the comments!


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