R. Kelly Sued By Mississippi Sheriff After Singer Allegedly Had Affair With His Wife

Is R. Kelly a home wrecker? A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy is suing the singer, claiming the he had a long affair with his wife despite knowing she was a married woman. We’ve got the details in the shocking new lawsuit.

Yikes! R. Kelly is known to be a ladies man, but apparently he messed with a married woman and now her husband is suing him in a Mississippi civil court. Hinds County Deputy Kenny Bryant claims that the 50-year-old crooner and his wife Asia Childress had an affair before their July 2012 wedding, and rekindled their romance four months later.

He says that as a result he suffered “emotional, psychological and financial loss” due to the actions of the “Your Body’s Calling” singer.
Kenny claims in his lawsuit that his wife convinced him to quit his job and move to Atlanta so that he could further his career.

He now believes her real motive was so that she could continue her alleged affair with R. Kelly, who resides there. Unfortunately the move to Atlanta was a disaster for Kenny, as he couldn’t find steady work and it left him in “financial ruin,” yet Asia was allegedly be thrilled to be closer to her lover. She even traveled to states near Georgia to keep the affair going.

“Each time R. Kelly would have a concert in a nearby state, Childress would disappear to unite with her lover,” the lawsuit said.  “Time after time, R. Kelly cuckolded Bryant, with blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’ vows.”

Kenny says he tried to save his marriage but that he “could not prevail against R. Kelly’s continued sexual overtures to Childress.” His wife has since filed for divorce.  Kenny didn’t state how much he’s demanding from the singer, but he asking for both compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by a jury.

Do you think Kenny will be able to win his lawsuit against R. Kelly?


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