Thursday, 13 April 2017

T.I’s ‘Side Chick’ Bernice Burgos Confident She’ll Be ‘Main Chick’ After Finalized Divorce

CATFIGHT! As the battle for T.I’s heart intensifies, alleged side chick Bernice Burgos is more than confident that she’ll become the rapper’s ‘main chick’ once his divorce from Tiny is finalized. Here is the EXCLUSIVE details!
Bernice Burgos, T.I and Tiny

These women do not mess around when it comes to matters of love! Determined to take Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, 41, out of the equation for good, Bernice Burgos has no doubt in her mind that she can become T.I‘s, 36, leading lady once his divorce is finalized. “Bernice feels confident she and T.I will be together soon,” a source said. “Then she can go from being his side chick to his main chick.” This woman is ON A MISSION, but does she have a plan of attack?
T.I and Tiny

Bernice Burgos

YOU BET SHE DOES. Bernice has already taken multiple shots at Tiny on social media, and now, the two women are going at it like two vicious cats in a dark alleyway. “Quit being petty, keep [singing] my sh*t,” wrote the Xscape singer on Instagram. “You know you slick a fan anyway.”

Bernice fired back with, “We not about to sit here and argue about a n*gga hunny.” In the end though, it doesn’t really matter what these ladies have to say since T.I already confirmed his divorce in the most heartbreaking way. “[Tiny] is still my best friend,” gushed the rapper in an interview.
Tiny and T.I

With Tiny slowly making her way out of the picture, it’s the perfect time for Bernice to pounce! “She can’t wait for the divorce to be finalized,” the source continues. “Bernice is being patient while T.I wraps up his commitments with his reality show and finalizes his divorce with Tiny.

When it’s all over, Bernice knows she’ll have the last laugh and T.I will be with her.” We definitely don’t see this feud dying down any time soon.

Do you think T.I will choose Bernice over Tiny? Comment below!


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  1. I think Bernice could do better than to be with "T.I."... in fact I think she already has


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