Tyga & Kylie Jenner: How He Plans To Use Adorable Son King Cairo To Win Her Back

Tyga think’s he’s got a secret weapon when it comes to winning back ex Kylie Jenner — his adorable son King Cairo. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details on how he’s going to use her love for the boy to bring the reality star back into his life.

For Tyga, the way to Kylie Jenner‘s heart is through his four-year-old son King Cairo. As he watches his 19-year-old ex’s romance with Travis Scott, 24, heat up, the 27-year-old is resorting to every trick in the book to get her back in his life. “Tyga’s running out ways to get Kylie back, but he’s got a plan.

He’s thinking of having King face time her to tell her that he misses her. He thinks that will make Kylie come running back. Kylie can’t resist King and Tyga knows that. She’d do anything for that boy and he’s like the glue that holds Tyga and Kylie together,” a source said EXCLUSIVELY.

“It’s a bit desperate, yes. But desperate times call for desperate measures and Kylie‘s slipping away and Tyga’s not trying to let her loose,” our insider adds. The reality star has a total soft spot for King, and lovingly cared for him in the days after his mother Blac Chyna, 28, gave her to daughter Dream, five months. back in Nov. 2016. Ky posted so many cute videos playing with the little one, especially as the 2016 holidays came and went. He was her top Snapchat partner for a while there.

This latest split between Kylie and Tyga seems to be the one that’s going to stick, as she’s been openly romancing Travis and seems like a girl who is ready for a new page in her love life. They were spotted sitting court side at an NBA playoff game in Houston on Apr. 25, where he was rubbing her thigh for all the world to see.

That came just days after the lovebirds were spotted holding hands and making out at the Coachella Music Festival. Time is really running out for Tyga as Kylie falls harder for Travis.

Do you think Travis is a better fit for Kylie than Tyga?


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