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The Best-Sounding V12 Engines on Earth
Pentagon salutes US-India ties with command name change
New Jersey police investigated after punching woman in the head during arrest
Assad says U.S. must leave Syria, vows to recover SDF areas
Trump: I wish I didn't pick Jeff Sessions
Man tied to California blast victim freed, charge dropped
Fast lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano closes highway
Family of saved boy thank Malian 'Spider-Man' Mamoudou Gassama, as 'true hero' receives French residency
Tesla in autonomous mode hits parked police car
'Murdered' journalist Arkady Babchenko turns up alive after death staged to 'expose Russian plot'
Prosecutors raid Korean Air over suspected embezzlement by founding family
Polls show most Italians want to stay in euro
Fox News Breaking News Alert
Fox News Breaking News Alert
Fox News Breaking News Alert
Fox News Breaking News Alert
Fox News Breaking News Alert
Israel in panic over losing their ‘dear’ ISIS & Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria – Assad
Over 40% of western Europeans find Islam ‘incompatible’ with their values – poll
‘We were close to direct conflict between Russia & US inside Syria’ – Bashar Assad
Russia will support any concrete agreement that benefits all parties of Korea peace talks – Lavrov
Funding NGOs & stirring dissent: Russian special commission exposes election meddling by US
Aircraft window cracks in extreme turbulence forcing emergency landing in China
Lightning strike caught on camera as biblical storms wreak havoc in Germany (VIDEO)
Netanyahu vows to keep fighting Iran 'anywhere in Syria'
Train knife attack: One man killed, policewoman and passenger injured in Germany
How to survive a knife attack: Chinese police go viral with 12 second advice video (VIDEO)
Democracy in the EU? Only when convenient for Brussels
‘President was clear about RT’: Journalist barred from Elysee Palace despite having credentials
Scientist predicts our future will be ‘worse than extinction’
Moscow: Staged journo murder in Kiev 'obvious anti-Russian provocation'
‘Ministry of Truth?’ Israel & Myanmar to ‘correct’ each other’s history textbooks
No answer to ‘Animal Assad’: Syrian leader tells RT he does not have insulting nickname for Trump
Russian search party unearths WWII-era warplane in Far East wilderness (PHOTOS)
‘At least nobody died’: Officials react to ‘fake assassination’ of Russian journalist in Kiev
Moving US troops ‘to frontline with Russia’ in Poland ‘makes sense' – Bloomberg
Viral video of immigration officer lashing out at foreigner sparks suspension
Russia deliberately accused of MH17 downing ahead of ‘important intl events’ – Lavrov
‘Season finale twist’: Twitter in shock after ‘assassinated' journalist Babchenko emerges alive
'Assassinated' journalist Babchenko alive, Kiev accuses Russian intelligence of murder plot
Turkey warns US it will look elsewhere if Washington fails to deliver F-35 fighter jets
No to ‘Star Wars Style’: Ultimatums & raising stakes won’t solve international crises, says Lavrov
‘Not a German or EU colony’: EU’s budget chief Oettinger slammed for telling Italians how to vote
Cubans cheat death as bridge over floodwaters crumbles into raging rapids below (VIDEOS)
Liege mass killer was on ‘radical watchlist,’ attack designated ‘terrorist act’
Moscow can’t accept ‘unfounded conclusions’ on MH17 downing – Russia’s UN envoy